2 months in

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Two months in and it’s the starting point of putting everything back together again. Had 3 of the brothers over for a week so we made some good progress!


We’ve added real drains to the kitchen sink (still need a real kitchen sink though hehe)

We tore down the small walk in warddrobes to give the rooms more space and have started building the walls back up again.

We filled in the floor where beams for the wardrobes were sunk in.

We’ve taken down the door frame to the spare bedroom as we’re moving it.

We had an electrician around so now we have lights and electric in every room! (Oh the luxury!)

We’ve tamed the back garden

We’ve cleaned up the courtyard and cut down the ash tree as it was lifting the concrete

We’ve finished taking down the old wallpaper in all the rooms.

We cleaned the gutters

We’ve insulated the attic


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