This was our final project in Digital Imaging, and leaked over into our Web Authoring and Project Management modules. We had to create a branding identity by creating a name and logo for a fictitious gaming event,  and stationary items such as a business card, brochure and letterhead. I chose to call it 528 Limerick Gaming Event as 528 are the coordinates of Limerick City. I then tried to loosely adapt the concept of a compass with the D-pad on a controller.

The website was for our final project in Web Authoring using this subject as it’s base. We were given some rough information to include on the website and we had to design it. You can have a gander at the website I made at the bottom of this article 😀

  • Project Type: College Project:
  • Skills Needed: Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, HTML, CSS
  • Project Module: Digital Imaging (Final Project) & Web Authoring
  • Project Year February 2015
  • 528 Limerick Gaming Website:

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