The idea for Gumpy Crow came about when my mum and I were at a petrol station in Tralee, and there was this poor crow, who’s lower beak was a little bit longer than his top beak, and he seemed to have a hard time eating. We felt quite sorry for him, so we gave him some of our food, and the second we threw it out for him, two other crows that were sitting on the powerlines above swooped down and nicked it off of him. :( I told my friends his story, and we began to elaborate on it and through that, we created Gumpy Crow.

I created the concept design for him. Then I decided to take it a bit further by using his character in my 3D modelling module. The idea behind the video, is that he’s just chillilng at home, with a pot of tea, and then his tumour explodes and kills him…. Or does it? 😀

  • Project Type: College Project
  • Skills Needed: 3Ds Max, Photoshop, Premiere Pro
  • College Module: 3D Modelling
  • Project Date: March 2015

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