Labranth is a ‘band’ that Lassie and I created. She’s on vocals, I’m on guitar and bass, and my PC Derik is on the drums… It’s pretty bodgie work, but it’s good fun. So far there’s only one song done, but I hope to do more in the future, perhaps with better equipment, perhaps with the same cheap and bodgie stuff, I dunno, but it is enjoyable, and thats the main thing . :)

I did the ‘music video’ for this song as a college assignment. but it was so difficult to keep up with Buddy (The English Setter) so some of the shots are a bit out of focus :(

I did an extremely bodgie interview video as well. It was mainly as a last minute thing and I managed to get it done in a night.

I also made a website for our Web Authoring module, although I did rush it a bit :( Bugger it though, have a look for yourself :)

  • Project Type: College Project/My own stuff
  • Skills Needed: Premiere Pro, Music, Audition
  • College Module: Digital Video Production & Web Authoring
  • Project Date: October 2014
  • Labranth College Website

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