This was our first project for our 3D Modelling module. It was our introduction to SketchUp. We had to build a 3D model of Ormston House, and adapt it to an urban gaming environment. At first, I was kind of stuck with a concept to work on, and then it hit me like a Fire Truck: Animals attacking people! ShaDaisy!

But then after that,  I was stuck on a name to call it, and luckily, I was playing Shadow of Mordor and Celebrimbor said ‘The darkness cannot be tamed’, and I was all like shit! Nature can’t be tamed either, so I wrote it down on a sticky note so I wouldn’t forget it. :)

The video shows the Ormston House model as the focus in an overgrown and man-made decayed environment, and then travels down the road to a lab facility, where animals are breaking free from.

As well creating the video, we had to create a few visuals, so I created a few posters in Photoshop. Oh yeah, and I did the soundtrack as well. That was an assignment for our sound production module. :)

  • Project Type College Project
  • Skills Needed: Google Sketch Up, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Photoshop
  • College Module 3D Modelling
  • Project Year December 2014

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