I wanted to spend my February mid term doing something that really┬átested and taught me. And I had never attempted an animation before, and I had never used After Effects before. And the subject of this animation was a toss up between the subject of Lilith or the subject of Lady Bathory. I was more drawn to the idea of Lilith, and I sat down for a weekend, and tried to write a poem to carry the animation. I created the characters in Illustrator, and put their body parts on separate layers so I could animate them in After Effects via the puppet tool. I wanted to go for a ‘cute’ kind of look, because it seemed more refreshing to me. I took some pictures for the backgrounds as well, although I don’t even claim to know how a camera works, I’m as beginner as it gets when it comes to photography, but anyways.

I did the voice over myself, and raised the pitch to make it sound like a child. I wanted to keep with that ‘innocent’ and ‘cute’ kind of theme, but please don’t ask me to watch this video again, as I’ve heard that stupid voice over 100 times and if I hear it again, I’m going to ram my face into a thorn bush!

Enjoy!! ­čśŤ

The Tale of Lilith also was nominated for an sMedia award in the Short Animation category, which really shocked me since I had no prior experience in animation or After Effects and managed to complete it in the week of mid term that I had off from college. So yeah, CHRISHT!

  • Project Type: College Project
  • Skills Needed: Illustrator, After Effects
  • College Module: Digital Video Production
  • Project Date: February 2015

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